New Updated Smelting Rewards!

November 22, 2023

A New Era of Legendary Smelting begins in The Arcanists Forge!

A new legendary update has been granted iron stamped approval from The Arcanist! Specifically, a new Forge update to the Legendary Smelting process. Previously, this process required 3 legendary items plus 1000 VOXEL to create a new Legendary item or a special reward. Now, it has been made more accessible, needing only 2 legendary items and 1000 VOXEL for the same output!

As a refresher, in Rare Smelting, players still combine 10 rare items with 10 VOXEL to receive either 1 Epic item or 1 special reward and in Epic Smelting, players still require 10 epic items and 100 VOXEL to obtain either 1 Legendary item or 1 special reward.

But that's not all, we have brand new rewards available in all 3 Smelting recipes!

How Many New Item Rewards are Available?

There are 14 New Item Rewards available; a total of 9 new Legendary Resistance Necklaces, 1 new Special Movement Necklace, 1 new Epic Translucent Infusable Necklace and 3 new Legendary Weapons!

9 Legendary Resistance Necklaces:
1 Epic Translucent Necklace:
1 Special Movement Necklace:
3 Legendary Weapon Sets

Updated Smelting Rewards

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