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Play Voxie Tactics
Embark on epic quests, battle fierce enemies and earn game items that you truly own
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Choose Your Voxie Wisely
Each one is packed with personality, you can collect and play with countless combinations of lovable Voxie characters!
Voxies classes section
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Rangers are symbols of natural precision, skilled sharpshooters who use a deep connection to nature to control battlefields from afar.

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Knights are guardians of the front line, a combination of battlefield power and finesse.

Ninja image

Ninjas are silent assassins, with swift targeted strikes they use their stealth-like agility to outmaneuver opponents and create opportunities for allies.

Chemist image

Chemists are mad scientists, seamlessly blending the arcane with scientific mastery, often leading to unpredictable results.

Robo image

Robots serve as stalwart defenders, with heavy armor and formidable strength they act as shields for more vulnerable teammates.

Bard image

Bards are spirited adventurers, with music as their talent, they inspire allies with uplifting anthems and impede enemies with powerful holy hymns.

Warrior image

Warriors are built to attack enemies head-on, with primal ferocity they draw fire and strength to sow chaos where battle lines converge.

Drako image

Dragons are majestic beings, hailing from volcanic islands, they bring might and resilience to the fray.

Black Mage image

Black Mages are master spellcasters, with magic they can unleash devastation that will tip the scales in favor of their party.

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