AlwaysGeeky Games Inc Rules & Regulations

These Rules & Regulations (the "Regulations") outline the Regulations by which AlwaysGeeky Games inc. offers you access to use our games, websites, any other media form, media channel, mobile website or other services (the "AlwaysGeeky Services"). AlwaysGeeky Games titles are a distributed application that is currently running on the Polygon Network (the "Blockchain"), using company designed smart contracts (each, a "Smart Contract") to enable users to own, transfer, buy and sell their AlwaysGeeky Games Distributed NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

AlwaysGeeky Games inc. is a gaming company headquartered in Montreal, CA. "AlwaysGeeky Games Inc.," refers to the AlwaysGeeky Games Inc. entity responsible for providing the AlwaysGeeky Titles & Services in your region and these Regulations are an agreement between you and that entity.

  • Be responsible for complying with all of the Regulations set forth in this Rules & Regulations document as well as any future amendments and/or edits to this document.
  • Be in an eligible country of residence.
  • Use a valid email address under your ownership.
  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Do not share, sell, transfer, loan and/or having multiple users for a single account.
  • Do not impersonate members of the AlwaysGeeky Games Team.
  • Do not harass players or AlwaysGeeky Games team members, in or outside of the game.
  • Do not use glitches or exploits within the game.
  • No use of third party software that alters the original state of the Voxie Tactics game client.
  • Do not edit or change any files within the Voxie Tactics game.