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About Voxies

A cute NFT on the Polygon blockchain

Voxies are a lovable combination of cute voxel characters, adorable personalities, and collectible NFT technology.

If you are not familiar with NFTs or Polygon tokens you can read about this exciting new technology here.

Voxel NFT
Voxel NFT
Voxel NFT
Voxel NFT
Voxel NFT

Voxel NFT

What exactly are Voxies?

Voxies is an NFT project on the Polygon blockchain. Voxies are a lovable combination of cute voxels characters, adorable personalities and collectible NFT technology.

  • 10,000 unique and individual Voxel characters.
  • The ONLY fully animated 3D NFT collectible.
  • Playful animations and emotes.
  • Unique costumes, weapons, accesories.
  • Multiple races - Human, Robot, Alien, Doge, Dragon, Zombie, Skeleton, and More!
  • Collectible companions accompany some Voxies - Kitty, Slime, Parrot, Bear, etc.
  • Full rarity tiers - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Godly!

How it Works

Step 1

Purchase Voxies

Buy Voxie NFTs from the secondary market and take ownership of your cute lovable Voxies.

Step 2

Collect & Trade

Collect and assemble your Voxies, combining classes and races to create your perfect Voxie party.

Step 3

Play in Voxie Tactics

Take your Voxies into Voxie Tactics (launching later this year) to battle it out against other Voxies for rewards.

Technical Specification

There are exactly 10,000 Voxies in existence, this number cannot change and is built into the smart contract that is locked on the Polygon blockchain. Each Voxie is randomly generated and locked to a certain token # in the blockchain. Their attributes are made up of a number of different criteria (listed below) and this mix of different attributes make every single Voxie totally unique from each other - Voxies can share attributes with other Voxies but no two single voxies will have the equact same combination.

Technical Specification Highlights
  • There are exactly 10,000 Voxies in Existence
  • Locked to a certain token # in the Blockchain
  • Every Voxie is 100% unique from one another


Below is a list of some of the the attributes that each Voxie can have have:

Human, Robot, Zombie, Skeleton, Alien, Doge
Facial Features
Nose type, Ear type, Hair styles, Facial Hair
Hair Color
Brown, Black, Blond, Purple, Ginger, Blue, Gray, Green
Eye Color
Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Hazel, Yellow
Outfit / Costume
Each Voxie will have multiple parts to their outfit - for example the top section, the bottom section, the shoes. Expectlots of fun costumes for your Voxie - Ninja gear, Space suit, Scientist lab coat, Medieval armor, etc.
Personality (Displayed using animations)
Idle, Waving, Happy, Angry, Jumping for Joy, Zombified, Dancing, High Five etc…
Sunglasses, held objects, coins, crown, diamonds, etc…
Too many different hats and styles to list here ;)
Pet Companion
Kitty, Dog, Penguin, Ghost, etc.
Scenery is a combination of multiple aspects - the floor tile, the background scenery, the background colour, weather effects.
Note that this list is not exhaustive and there are additional items not listed above.
Voxel NFT

Distribution & Rarity

The sale and distribution of Voxies will first be during a pre-sale event, during this event the Voxies that are adopted are unrevealed and owners do not know the attributes and personality of their Voxies. After the reveal event, all adopted Voxies will be revealed and their voxel character will be known and displayed. At this stage everyone will be able to see the rarity of the owned Voxies.

The distribution of Voxies’ attributes is completely random across the 10,000 supply.

Each attribute mentioned above will have a different rarity distribution depending on the attribute type, so the exact numbers for each attribute are not listed here, however all of these attributes combine together to give each Voxie an overall ‘rarity’ value.

For example, if a Voxie has a few attributes that are considered rare in their own category, the Voxie will move up the overall rarity chart. If a Voxie has many attributes that are considered rare, that Voxie could become Epic, Legendary or even Godly!

The rarity categories are as follows:
  • Common (~41%)
  • Uncommon (~28%)
  • Rare (~19%)
  • Epic (~9%)
  • Legendary (~3%)
  • Godly (Only 10 Exist!)
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