VOXEL: The Official Currency of Voxie Tactics

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What are VOXEL tokens?

Let’s take a moment and step into the immersive world where VOXEL tokens reign supreme as the official currency of a bustling gaming ecosystem. From when Voxie Tactics was launched, the VOXEL token has been the cornerstone upon which the present and future of the world are being built. Gamers can leverage their Voxies assets and indulge in playing with them to reap exciting rewards and valuable currency. All transactions in this vibrant landscape are powered by the VOXEL token, giving players the ability to experience the enjoyment of a thriving virtual gaming economy.

Interested in discovering more?

Smart move, the potential of the VOXEL token is expansive and can be your gateway to a world of new possibilities in gaming and in digital ownership.

With VOXEL, you can easily acquire new assets that offer extra value. For example, consolidate your lower rarity assets and trade up for a top-of-the-line weapon or armor. VOXEL is the key to unlocking the full potential of the many Voxies Marketplace features like Item Upgrades in The Arcanist’s Forge, which has proven to be successful. So much so, that users have already burned over half of all item NFTs!

Holding onto VOXEL is yet another smart move, as token awareness has continued to grow and the Voxies economy has remained resilient, even before Voxie Tactics emerged from beta testing. The economy has been tried and tested, and is poised to reach millions of new users.

What is the key value proposition of VOXEL tokens?

VOXEL tokens are a driver behind the immersive gameplay and economy of Voxie Tactics. As the games official currency, players earn VOXEL by participating in the Draft or Extreme arena PvP battles.

How does the earning within the economy work?

There’s a structured system in place. The amount of VOXEL awarded depends on the rarity of the Voxies used in the battle. With a range of Voxie rarity levels, from common Recruits to rare Godly Voxies, players have higher chances of earning larger amounts of VOXEL or even rare NFTs.

The tokens can be used to buy in-game consumables, services like resetting chosen recruit Voxies, and to pay fees for various recipes in The Arcanist's Forge. Additionally, VOXEL offers a unique opportunity for players to burn unused NFTs and create exciting new items for their gameplay. Over 60% of all items have already been burned and upgraded using VOXEL, making it a valuable asset.

Players can also rent out their Voxie NFTs and Voxie Tactics Item NFTs for VOXEL or NFT rewards, generating value from their unused NFTs.

Finally, players can purchase physical merchandise with VOXEL tokens and earn even more rewards.

With all these benefits, VOXEL tokens are a valuable and versatile asset for players in the Voxies ecosystem.

What makes VOXEL a compelling choice for both users and investors alike?

For users VOXEL offers a range of exciting possibilities beyond simply buying and holding the token. In the present, VOXEL can be used for enhancing the in-game experience, purchasing unique items on the Voxies Marketplace, and even buying exclusive merchandise. Looking to the future, VOXEL holders can look forward to participating in passive questing, battle passes, and access to special events.

For investors VOXEL represents a versatile investment opportunity that extends beyond simply buying and holding. Currently, VOXEL is tradeable on most major exchanges and can be added to liquidity pools, allowing for earning LP tokens that can be redeemed for rewards, including the VOXEL token.

What about tokenomics?

With a total supply of 300 million VOXEL tokens, of which 105 million are currently available, VOXEL has attracted the attention of an impressive 35,818 unique wallets as of March 1st, 2023 since its initial launch in December 2021. As VOXEL continues to gain traction, its unique value proposition for both users and investors will only become more apparent, making it an exciting prospect for anyone looking to engage with this dynamic ecosystem.

Here is a chart that visualizes the token distribution for VOXEL:

As shown in the chart, 50% of the total VOXEL tokens are being allocated for play-to-earn rewards from Q1 2022 to Q4 2027. Another 24% of the tokens allocated for AlwaysGeeky Games. The initial public/private sale will have 15% of the tokens available for distribution, while the advisory board and ecosystem & growth fund will have 5% and 4% of the tokens respectively. The Voxie NFT Community Token Distribution had 2% of the total tokens allocated.

VOXEL Token Release and NFT Distribution Plan

AlwaysGeeky Games designed a strategic token release schedule to ensure that the Voxie Tactics economy remains stable as it grows. The game offers 50% of the VOXEL Token allocation for in-game rewards, which can be earned by completing quests and climbing tiers in PVP arenas. This allocation period was set to stabilize the economy during the initial release of the game, and will gradually be replaced by a percentage of transaction fees from the in-game marketplace and Arena entry fees. The tokens will be released according to a set schedule spread out over 5 years, and will scale with the player community. Players can immediately use the VOXEL Tokens they earn in-game, or trade them in both the game and external markets. The AlwaysGeeky Games team will monitor the overall economy fluctuations to decide whether a 'lock-up period' on earned rewards is necessary.

As a token of appreciation to early supporters of Voxies NFT, AlwaysGeeky Games allocated a weekly allotment of VOXEL Tokens to NFT holders over a 24 week period that is now completed. The token distribution method is based on the number of Voxie NFTs held by an individual each week. This strategic distribution method ensures that early players will have some utility tokens as liquidity to use in the Voxies economy. Once a week, a snapshot of overall ownership was taken across all unique wallets, and VOXEL Tokens were airdropped to those wallets. The rarity of the Voxies owned by a player determined the multiplier applied to their earnings. Rarity multipliers ranged from 1x for Common Voxies to 15x for Godly Voxies.

In Closing

VOXEL tokens are the official in-game currency of Voxie Tactics, an immersive gaming ecosystem where players can earn and use VOXEL tokens to buy game assets and services, rent out NFTs, buy physical merchandise and more rewards to come in the future. The token awareness has continued to grow and the Voxies economy has remained resilient, making it a valuable and versatile asset for players and investors. With a total supply of 300 million tokens, VOXEL has attracted the attention of an impressive 35,818 unique wallets as of Mar 1, 2023 since its initial launch in December 2021. VOXEL tokens offer a range of exciting possibilities for users beyond simply buying and holding the token, and investors can earn rewards by adding it to liquidity pools.

Join us and experience the magic of VOXEL today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are VOXEL tokens?
  • A type of cryptocurrency
  • The official currency of a gaming ecosystem
What is the main use of VOXEL tokens in the Voxie Tactics game?
  • To enhance the in-game experience
How do players earn VOXEL tokens in Voxie Tactics?
  • By winning PvP battles
What determines the amount of VOXEL awarded to players?
  • The rarity of the Voxies used in battle
What can players buy today with VOXEL tokens?
  • In-game consumables
  • Physical merchandise
  • Peer to Peer sales of Digital Items, such as pets, Weapons and Armour
What does holding onto VOXEL offer to players today?
  • An opportunity to trade up unused NFTs to generate value
  • Participating in the Voxies economy and future growth
What is the total supply of VOXEL tokens?
  • 300 million
What percentage of the total VOXEL tokens are being allocated for play-to-earn rewards?
  • 50%
What percentage of the total VOXEL tokens are being allocated to the ecosystem and growth fund?
  • 4%
Over what period of time is VOXEL being distributed?
  • 5 years