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Voxel NFT games

Voxies FAQs

Q&A For Voxies
What are Voxies?
How do I buy a Voxie?
How many Voxies are there?
What are the rarities of Voxies?
Will Pets have a rarity assigned to them like Voxies?
How important are Voxie's base level stats and what is the max of each in game?
Will there be a Voxel Token public sale?
How will multiple accounts/wallets be prevented from earning the collector challenge rewards?
When is the Egg Hatching Date?
Will my Voxie NFT be able to level up or change it's attributes?
What is a Voxel Token and how will the airdrop work?
Do Voxies have a gender? (In the NFT or in the game)
How many different attributes are there for each Voxie?
Can I search for a specific Voxie?
What can I do with my Voxies?
Voxel NFT games

Voxie Tactics FAQs

Q&A For Voxies Tasctics
What is Voxie Tactics?
What are the different classes in Voxie Tactics?
When is Voxie Tactics available to play?
What platforms will Voxie Tactics be released on?
What do ghosts do?
How many Voxies will I need to play the game?
Can you change your Voxies' class in the game?
Will pets be movable for battle like the gear that our Voxies have?
Since the game has a story mode, do you have a plan for multiple languages?
Will Voixe Tactics have scholarships?
Are there any plans for multiplayer?
What are the main features of the game?
Will there be different difficulty levels and/or challenge modes in the game?
Voxel NFT games

Company FAQs

AlwaysGeeky Games Q&A
Where is AlwaysGeeky Games located?
Can I apply to work for AlwaysGeeky Games?
Why did it take so long to reveal AlwaysGeeky Games?