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Voxel NFT games

Voxies FAQs

Q&A For Voxies

Voxies are cute, lovable and collectible 3d voxel buddies, that live and play on the Ethereum blockchain. There are only 10,000 Voxies in existence and no two Voxies are identical. Lots of random properties and fun traits make each Voxie cute, unique and sometimes rare!

All 10,000 Voxies have been adopted. You can purchase a Voxie from the secondary market on Opensea.

There are only 10,000.

Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Godly.

No, the pets do not have rarity attached to them like the Voxies, however some pets will be more rare than others. i.e. not all pets have an equal chance to be hatched for each egg.

The stats you see on the Voxies NFT are base stats and can be thought of as the pure stats you Voxie has BEFORE any equipment has been added. Most equipment adds rare stats to your base stats, for example a sword that is "+3 strength". The maximum stats for the full game when equipment is added to your Voxies is still being balanced and will be tweaked before the game is live.

Yes, but the date and price is still TBD.

The collector challenge rewards will be awarded based on a point in time snapshot of wallets. This will prevent multiple accounts/wallets from using the same Voxies/Pets to complete the challenges multiple times. i.e. you will only get the rewards for the challenges at the point when the challenge ends and the rewards are given out.

No. The NFT and the meta-data for all Voxies is not going to change or be modified by any in-game action. When you level up and make changes to your Voxies in the game, that will strictly be in-game only. You are still free to sell and trade your original Voxies on the open and secondary markets, however this will not include upgrades or changes that you have made to your Voxie in-game. Any additional NFTs that you collect or are rewarded with in the game (cool new weapons, or cosmetic costumes) can also be freely sold and traded on the secondary market, separate from your original Voxie NFT.

The Voxel Token is the in-game currency for Voxie Tactics that will be used to purchase items, weapons, armor, and potentially future limited run Voxies. There will be a weekly airdrop starting Thursday August 26th and continue through January 2022. Each Voxie will earn a set amount of Voxel Token based on their rarity through January 2022. More can be found at Voxel Token page.

No, Voxies have no assigned gender and there are is no attribute for "gender". Some visual representations and cosmetic appearances that Voxies have can take on more masculine or feminine visuals, such as facial hair, or hair styles, or clothes and costumes. However there is no rules or limitations on what Voxies can or cannot wear, all visual and cosmetic options are available to all Voxies - have fun and enjoy those random mashups.

There are 20 different attributes and they are Accessory, Background, Bottom Costume, Class, Companion, Effect, Emote, Eye Color, Ghost, Ground, Hair Color, Hair Style, Hat, Item, Outline, Personality, Race, Skin Tone, and Top Costume.

You can use your Voxie in the game Voxie Tactics. Each Voxie has unique skills and abilities to help you along your journey. Additionally as with all NFT collectibles you can buy, sell, or trade your Voxie on the secondary market or with friends.

Voxel NFT games

Voxie Tactics FAQs

Q&A For Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics is an tactical RPG game that integrates the Voxies NFT project and is free to play and play to earn.

Squire, Warrior, Knight, Ranger, Black Mage, White Mage, Bard, Necromancer, Hawknight, Chemist, Ninja, Time Mage, Druid, Monk, Priest, Thief, Samurai, Pirate, Robo, Zombie, and Ghost.

Voxie Tactics will launch in Q4-2021.

Voxie Tactics will initially be released on PC via download. There is future development to add Mac & Mobile post launch in 2022/2023.

Ghost can freely move across the battlefield unhindered by terrain obstacles and cannot be attack or affected by other characters while in incorporeal form.

None, the game is free to play. There will be default in-game characters that you can use along your exploration and battles. However you can have up to 7 Voxies in your party at one time. Each Voxie has a unique set of skills and attributes that can help you in battle.

Yes, inside the game you are able to change your current class to a different class, however there is a class hierarchy, so not all classes are unlocked as default, you may need to level up earlier classes before you can unlock the later (and more advanced classes). A perfect example of this is the Ninja class, this class is only available once you level up your Thief class skill to 5.

Yes, you will be able to 'equip' pets to Voxies in game - however this will not affect the Voxies NFT or remove the pet from the original Voxies NFT token.

Multiple languages are planned, and already have a plan to allow people to help and contribute to the translations, along with the official translation efforts.

TBD - we are currently looking into multiple different avenues to enhance the free-to-play and play-to-earn aspects of Voxie Tactics. While we love the scholarship system that Axie has pioneered, we are considering if we can enhance this idea and provide more meaningful mechanics to Voxie owners rather than just lending out your Voxies. Stay tuned for more information and exciting discussions regarding this.

Yes, we have plans for both PVE and PVP in multiplayer battles.

The game is a hybrid of multiple genres and different gameplay features (and still in development), but it is based on traditional RPG and tactical games, and takes heavy influence from games like Final Fantasy Tactics, and similar. Outside of the tactical gameplay and battles there is a fully 3d exploration aspect of the game that allows you to wander the world and interact with other NPC characters, buy equipment for your characters, take place in quests, etc. (Still lots of features are WIP and subject to change)

The difficulty of the game will be dynamic in a sense. The player will be able to adjust the type of battles they want to be take part in depending on several factors. Before each battle the game will give an indication to the player what the type of battle is initiated and also other stats and information about the battle (this will give an indication of the difficulty); then the player will be able to decide if they want to fight or not. There will also be more direct ways that a player can adjust the difficulty of the game.

Voxel NFT games

General FAQs

Uncategorized Q&A

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. NFTs are also generally one of a kind, or at least one of a very limited run, and have unique identifying codes.

You can trade your NFTs via a secondary market like Opensea or Rarible as well as direct p2p platform like NFT20.

NFTs aren’t cryptocurrencies, but they are built using technology similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin. Also, like cryptocurrencies, NFTs exist on a blockchain, which verifies their unique identity and ownership. The blockchain also keeps a record of all the transactions connected to the NFT and the property it represents. Many NFTs are held on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thursday August 19th at 7pm EST

The value of an NFT comes from the property it represents, which is generally something that exists in the digital world like an original piece of art or digital memorabilia. The NFT itself doesn’t necessarily contain the digital property, but points to its location on the blockchain. Like a concert ticket or a deed to a physical property, an NFT reflects the value of the thing it represents.

Voxel NFT games

Company FAQs

AlwaysGeeky Games Q&A

AlwaysGeeky Games is located in Montreal, Canada.

Yes, please see the 'Jobs' page for current openings. If none are available then please come back soon.

This was mostly down to contractual obligations with previous employers and also due to the nature of founding a business in the crypto and NFT space. Additionally AlwaysGeeky Games was in the process of being set up legally and being incorporated, all of these things take time and need to be done both legally correct and professionally.