Voxie Tactics celebrates New Drako Class with Dragonfest!

April 3, 2023

The time has finally come. The Dragon Race is ascending and taking on a new destiny.

In a groundbreaking event for Voxie Tactics, all Dragon Race characters are rising up to their true calling and becoming their own Drako Class.

But wait, there's more…

In celebration of this momentous event, we proudly present Dragonfest!

Dragonfest is an event for all things Drako where together we will honor the power and majesty of the Dragon Race and the new Drako Class, bringing forth 2 thrilling new additions to the game:

  1. Bone Dragon Boss PvE Mode: Embark on an epic adventure with our new Bone Dragon Boss PvE Mode, where you'll face the mightiest dragon of them all.
  2. Bone Fragment Virtual Currency: This new virtual currency can be collected and then exchanged for Bone Chests that may be opened in The Arcanist’s Forge. Bone Fragments are awarded based on the damage you do to the Bone Dragon Boss and when exchanged in the Forge grant access to unique Dragonfest items and rewards.

Enter Dragonfest


The Voxiverse is in peril, for a great threat has arisen! Roazzul, a fearsome Dragon of legend, has awoken from its slumber and now plans to lay waste to all that we hold dear. But all is not lost, for a community of brave heroes will need to band together to face this challenge head-on.


The scenario is simple: Enter the Dragonfest Arena, do as much damage to the Bone Dragon Boss as possible, and then escape with your life! But this is no ordinary challenge. You will play alone but the Bone Dragon Boss cannot be defeated by you alone. How is this all possible? You will need to fight together as a community, each player contributing their own share of damage to bring down the boss. The more players that play, the more Roazzul’s HP bar is decreased, leading to a final reward that will make it all worthwhile!

Now It’s Your Turn:

So, will you rise to the challenge, become a legend, and claim your share of the loot? Join us on this epic event, and together, we will triumph over Roazzul the Bone Dragon Boss as we celebrate Dragonfest!

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Dragons & Data: What’s Changing?

Are you ready to embark on a new adventure with Voxie Tactics? Exciting changes have been made to the game, including the addition of the new Drako Class, an Undead Class name change, and the highly anticipated Bone Dragon Boss PvE Mode.

Introducing the Drako Class

To differentiate Dragons from Zombies and Skeletons, a new class has been created - the Drako Class. Unlike the Undead, Drako Class Voxies are not healed by any element, making them entirely unique and challenging. Additionally, this class boasts a host of new abilities exclusive to Drako Class Voxies.

Passive Drako Abilities

Drako Class Voxies are massive creatures, so it makes sense that they wear heavy armor. Additionally, their innate racial ability provides them with 50% resistance to fire elemental damage. This makes them more difficult to defeat, so be sure to come prepared with the right weapons and strategies. Don’t forget about our latest update to The Arcanist’s Forge - Infusion! Infusion allows you to add elemental damage effects to your weapons and personalize your play style. With the right preparation, skills, and Infusion recipe choices, you can improve your chances of taking down these massive creatures!

Drakonic Fury

The Drako Class has 4 new abilities that are sure to leave a lasting impact on the battlefield.

  1. Fire Bomb costs 40 MP and spreads fire around burning enemies in range.
  2. Inciteful Bellow, at 45 MP, taunts your target and sends them into a rage.
  3. Take Flight, for 50 MP, allows your dragon Voxie to fly high into the air and reach its destination.
  4. Lastly, Mark of the Dragon costs 100 MP and marks the prey for a sure and imminent death.

These abilities are game-changers and will require careful planning to overcome.

Undead Class Name Change

Undead Voxies will now be known as the Undead Class. This change is purely a name change and does not affect their abilities in any way. Undead are still healed by poison, while Zombies and Skeletons retain all existing skills and racial abilities.

New Bone Dragon Boss PvE Mode

Are you ready to take on the ultimate challenge? The Bone Dragon Boss PvE Battle Mode is a brand new feature in Voxie Tactics that will put your skills to the test.

The mode consists of 3 new maps for Dragonfest, each with unique decor and terrain obstacles.

Bone Lair

Lava Pit

Summoner's Rise

Your goal is to deal as much damage as possible to the Bone Dragon Boss before falling in battle or attempting to escape.

How Does the PvE Battle Mode Work?

The Bone Dragon Boss has an unknown amount of HP and cannot be killed in a single battle, so players will need to fight across multiple weeks during the event in order to defeat it. Players who enter a PvE battle against the Bone Dragon Boss, will have the tough challenge of doing a maximum amount of damage in an intense game of survival. Depending on the strategy, they will need to decide if they want to escape with their lives or fight till their last dying breath.

Successfully escaping the Dragonfest Arena will reward players with Bone Fragments & add their damage score for that encounter to the Total Damage leaderboard. On the flip side, players going for the highest position of the Top Damage leaderboard might consider fighting until the bitter end against the Dragon Boss. By not escaping the Dragon’s lair, they won’t receive Bone Fragments and damage for that battle won’t count towards total damage for the event but this could prove to be an optimal way to achieve the maximum amount of damage and claim the highest honour of the Top Damage leaderboard.

Bone Dragon Boss Abilities & Mechanics

The Bone Dragon is an extremely challenging Boss with a mix of abilities - 2 base abilities and a variety of unknown special abilities.

Magma Breath and Bone Barrage are just a couple of examples of what you will need to be ready to contend with in battle! Magma Breath is a fire attack that damages all enemies and has a chance to burn them, while Bone Barrage is a single-target attack that can cause a doom effect.

The Bone Dragon will stop at nothing to prevail over its enemies and will leverage a variety of poison, dark and fire based abilities to succeed. Its fiery attacks can quickly overwhelm players, while its necrotic aura can send them on the path to destruction. Thinking of hiding? Think again as the dragon can reach every corner of its lair and will stop at nothing to over power you. But that’s not all, the Bone Dragon is immune to all status effects, making it one of the toughest opponents you will ever face!


  • To enhance your Voxies in the battle against the Bone Dragon, Dragonfest exclusive potions are available in the Lil Flame Chest. These potions are essential to your success and will help you maximize damage when fighting the Bone Dragon.
  • Additionally, be on the lookout for the Necrotic Plague, which can leave a lasting poison effect!

Rise to the Top: A Guide to Dragonfest Leaderboards

Welcome, players! You’ve come seeking knowledge on the heroic leaderboards of Dragonfest. Well you’ve come to the right place, here we have the information you seek.

Leaderboards are a way for brave community members like yourself to showcase their might and skill in battling the dreaded Bone Dragon. There are three different types of leaderboards that you can participate in: Total Damage, Top Damage in One Battle, and Total Bone Fragments Collected. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Total Damage Leaderboard

The Total Damage Leaderboard is a way to determine who has dealt the most damage to the Bone Dragon over the course of the entire Dragonfest event. This leaderboard takes into account all of the battles that you have participated in and adds up the total amount of damage that you have dealt to the Bone Dragon.


  • If you want to climb the Total Damage Leaderboard, your best bet is to focus on doing as much damage as possible every time you fight the Bone Dragon.
  • Be careful that you don’t stick around too long or get too ambitious, as your damage done to the dragon will not be added to your leaderboard total unless you escape alive!
  • Try to spread your characters out, so you don’t get caught by the nasty dragon AOE attacks, and to be sure you can reach the exit when you need to.
Top Damage in One Battle Leaderboard

The Top Damage in One Battle Leaderboard is a bit different from the Total Damage Leaderboard. This leaderboard focuses solely on the highest amount of damage that you have dealt in a single battle against the Bone Dragon. It doesn’t matter if you dealt a lot of damage in multiple battles, what matters here is how much damage you can do in a single battle.


  • To climb the Top Damage in One Battle Leaderboard, you need to focus on dealing the most damage you can in a single battle.
  • If you perish during the battle, your top damage score will still be recorded in the top damage leaderboard.
  • Don’t worry about escaping or getting to the exit, just carry on fighting to the death.
  • Bring your most powerful Voxies and go out all guns blazing!
Total Bone Fragments Leaderboard

The Total Bone Fragments Leaderboard is a measure of your collecting skills. The Bone Dragon drops Bone Fragments when defeated, and this leaderboard ranks the warriors who have collected the most fragments throughout Dragonfest.


  • If you want to collect the most Bone Fragments and climb the Total Bone Fragments Leaderboard, you should focus on battling the Bone Dragon as often as possible.
  • The more you play, the more chances you have to collect Bone Fragments.
  • Be careful! If you don’t manage to escape, you don’t get to keep your Bone Fragments.
  • It might be worth trying to escape when you know you will be able to make it to the exit, so you don’t lose out on your accumulated Bone Fragments.
  • Take part in out-of-game events and activities that will also boost your Bone Fragment counter - Marketplace, Forge, Shop, Competitions, All of these reward Bone Fragments that will go to your total score.

In conclusion, the leaderboards of Dragonfest offer a unique challenge for players looking to prove their mettle. By understanding how the leaderboards work and employing the right strategies, you can climb the ranks and earn valuable rewards. So gear up, sharpen your weapons, and prepare to face the Bone Dragon – the rewards await!

How to Collect and Redeem Rewards in Dragonfest

Leaderboard Rewards

In addition to Bone Fragments, players can climb up the Leaderboards and receive amazing rewards. In total, 4 Voxies, 2 Godly Blueprints, Bone Dragon pets, Crystals and a series of special Bone Dragon Wings accessories are up for grabs. Head to the Dragonfest Leaderboard page for all the details on rewards and rankings.

Bone Fragments & Bone Chests

During Dragonfest, players can collect Bone Fragments through various means, such as battling the Bone Dragon Boss, buying and selling on the Voxies Marketplace, buying Merchandise on the Voxies Merch Shop and using The Arcanist’s Forge and Service Page using their VOXEL.

These Bone Fragments can then be redeemed for valuable rewards in the form of Bone Chests, which can be obtained by converting the Bone Fragments on the Services Page on the Voxies Marketplace. The Bone Chests can then be opened in The Arcanist’s Forge or even traded with fellow players. The rewards available in the Bone Chests vary depending on the type of chest. Please refer to the helpful conversion chart later in this article for more information.

How To Earn Bone Fragments by Spending VOXEL

In this section, we will explain just how easy it is for you to earn a little something extra when spending your VOXEL! Special for our Dragonfest event, players will have the opportunity to earn even more Bone Fragments when using some of our most popular services.

That’s right! Spend VOXEL and earn Bone Fragments and do so in 3 different ways:

  1. Using The Arcanist’s Forge & Service Page
  2. Buying & Selling on the Voxies Marketplace (Excluding Renting)
  3. Buying Merchandise on the Voxies Merch Shop (Launching New Dragonfest Merch on Friday April 14th)
1. Using The Arcanist’s Forge & Service Page

When you spend VOXEL using The Arcanist’s Forge or the Service page, you will earn valuable Bone Fragments.

For every 10 VOXEL you spend, you will receive 1 Bone Fragment with absolutely no limit to how many Bone Fragments you can earn. This promotion applies to all purchases made and the number of Bone Fragments you earn is rounded down.

For example, if you spend between 10 and 19 VOXEL, you will receive 1 Bone Fragment. If you spend between 20 and 29 VOXEL, you will receive 2 Bone Fragments, and so on.

  • 1-9 VOXEL = 0 Bone Fragments
  • 10-19 VOXEL = 1 Bone Fragment
  • 20-29 VOXEL = 2 Bone Fragments
  • Continues on with no limit
2. Buying & Selling on The Voxies Marketplace

On the Voxies Marketplace, both the Seller and the Buyer can earn Bone Fragments.

When Seller and Buyer spend 50 VOXEL or more combined, both will earn 1 Bone Fragment which will be added to accounts once a week. Same as with the above mentioned Forge and Service page, the number of Bone Fragments earned is also rounded down with no limit.

For example, if a combined spend is between 1 and 49 VOXEL, no Bone Fragments will be received. If between 50 and 99 VOXEL is spent, both seller and buyer will earn 1 Bone Fragment each, and if there is a spend between 100 and 149 VOXEL, each will earn 2 Bone Fragments, and so on.

  • 1-49 VOXEL = 0 Bone Fragments
  • 50-99 = 1 Bone Fragment each
  • 100-149 = 2 Bone Fragments each
  • Continues on with no limit
3. Buying Merchandise on the Voxies Merch Shop

The Voxies Merch Shop also offers an opportunity to earn Bone Fragments.

For every 10 VOXEL you spend on Merch including shipping, you will receive 1 Bone Fragment which will be added to accounts at the end of each week. Yes! VOXEL used for shipping costs are included in this promotion! And the number of Bone Fragments earned using the Merch Shop is also rounded down with no limit.

  • 1-9 VOXEL = 0 Bone Fragments
  • 10-19 VOXEL = 1 Bone Fragment
  • 20-29 VOXEL = 2 Bone Fragments
  • Continues on with no limit

It is essential to note a few more items.

  • Bone Fragments cannot be divided, meaning you cannot earn 0.5 Bone Fragments.
  • Additionally, the wallet needs to be linked to a Voxie Tactics account at the time of the transaction to earn. Wallets that are not linked to a Voxie Tactics account will not receive rewards and cannot retroactively collect Bone Fragments.
  • Bone Fragments earned while using the Arcanist's Forge or the Service Page will be applied to your account instantly and available to purchase Bone Chests.
  • Finally, Bone Fragments earned from buying and selling on the Voxies Marketplace and buying Merchandise from the Voxies Merch Shop will be processed weekly. At the end of each week, which is Sunday at 11:59 pm EST, the total amount of VOXEL spent during the week will be calculated and the appropriate number of Bone Fragments added to the players' account by the following Wednesday.
Here’s a Helpful Conversion Chart:

In conclusion, Dragonfest offers a unique opportunity for players to earn Bone Fragments by spending VOXEL. By taking advantage of the promotions, players can accumulate Bone Fragments that can be used towards acquring Bone Chests with even greater reward potential!

Getting You Ready to Play

Still not exactly sure on how to play? Not quite ready to face the Dragon Boss? Fear not, we have prepared a step-by-step guide and a video to guide you through the journey.

  1. Acquire Voxies: To join the battle, you'll need Voxies either by owning them or renting them.
  2. Open Voxie Tactics: Launch the Voxie Tactics game.
  3. Navigate to Dragonfest: Click on the "Dragonfest" option in the game's menu.
  4. Select your team: Choose your team wisely to embark on this epic battle.
  5. Fight the Dragon Boss: Prepare to face the mighty Bone Dragon in battle. Will you be victorious or meet your doom?
  6. Escape or fight to the death: It's all or nothing! Either escape or fight to the death.
  7. Check your damage metre: Keep an eye on your damage metre to track your progress.
  8. Visit the Dragonfest landing page often: For more information on Dragonfest, including HP Bar progress, leaderboards and more, head to the Dragonfest Langing Page to learn more and enhance your gameplay.

Are You Ready to Play?

So now that you have been given all the details to help you get started, gather your friends, sharpen your blades, and prepare to embark on an epic adventure. Roazzul The Bone Dragon Boss awaits you, and in battle, you have a chance to earn unique rewards and become a hero in the magical world of Dragonfest.

Will you rise to the challenge and claim victory? The fate of the Drako Class rests in your hands!