AlwaysGeeky Games unveils “Fright Night”: A Spooktacular Halloween Event for Voxies!

October 11, 2023

MONTREAL (OCTOBER 13, 2023) AlwaysGeeky Games, the creative force behind Voxies NFT and Voxie Tactics, is excited to announce “Fright Night”, a bewitching Halloween event packed with magic, mischief, and wicked loot.

From Friday, October 13th to Friday, November 10th, players are invited to immerse themselves in a chilling adventure as Voxie Tactics unveils a series of haunting surprises, including Zombie Rallies and Bewitched Brews. The event promises not only thrilling experiences but also the opportunity to gain powerful items and rewards.

Eerie Excitement Around Every Corner

"Fright Night" introduces a host of new activities and rewards, transforming player sessions with unique consumables, exclusive merchandise rewards, and a freshly unveiled feature offering class rarity bonuses for enhanced strategy and enjoyment. Players can unlock the Jack-O-Lantern Loot Box for tantalizing surprises and valuable in-game items and craft potent, limited-time items with two special forge recipes.

Continuous Celebration

The Halloween festivities continue even after the event concludes. The "Trick or Treat" recipe will remain accessible until Friday, December 8th, allowing players to continue unveiling their spooky spoils.

Unveiling Halloween Specials

New Gameplay Enhancements: Discover a new Graveyard map and chase after additional item drops, with certain classes and Voxies receiving RNG bonuses.

Wickedly Transformed Consumables: Life potions morph into candy apples, and mana potions are now delightful candy corn.

New Pets and Items: Welcome new pets like the Bat and the Pumpkin, each offering unique abilities, alongside new equipment including a two-handed sword and other captivating items.

Class & Race Rarity Bonuses

Specific Classes and Races, including Undead, Necromancer, Zombie, Skeleton, Ghost and Mummy, will enjoy increased reward percentages throughout the event.

Dive into the Jack-O-Lantern Loot Box

This treasure trove offers chances to win Halloween-themed items and new gear, including Masks, Headless Helms, and a Legendary Flaming Two-Handed Sword.

Engage with Community Events

Join community events like a Halloween Cosplay Contest, Voxies Halloween Word Search, Name that Halloween Movie/TV Show, Halloween Search Game, and Halloween Marbles on Voxie Tactics Twitch.

Join the Fright Night Adventure

Players are encouraged to strategize with consumables, maximize bonuses, engage in team play, and not miss out on the exclusive forge recipes. To dive into the "Fright Night" experience, visit Voxies.io today and let the Halloween magic begin!

About AlwaysGeekyGames

AlwaysGeeky Games was founded with a clear vision for the future of gaming: one in which the transformative potential of player ownership and player economics is poised to revolutionize the industry. Its team, with over 15+ years of experience in game development at renowned studios such as EA Games and Ubisoft, brings a wealth of expertise and professionalism to the emerging field of blockchain gaming. By decentralizing player economics and leveraging blockchain technology, AlwaysGeeky Games empower players with full control over their digital assets. From its Voxies NFT project and $VOXEL token to its flagship game, Voxie Tactics, AlwaysGeeky Games’ innovative approach offers unprecedented opportunities for players to engage with their favorite game worlds, transcending the limitations of centralized ownership. The studio is dedicated to creating games that stand out from the rest, providing real value and immersive gaming experiences.

About Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics is a free-to-play tactical RPG that offers players an immersive and thrilling adventure. Inspired by the retro games of the 90s and 2000s, Voxie Tactics combines classic style with modern elements, providing a unique experience for fans of the genre. Take part in epic quests, engage in strategic battles against formidable enemies, and earn valuable VOXEL tokens and Voxies NFT items in an environment that brings together legendary gaming with digital ownership.

To learn more about Voxie Tactics and its creators at AlwaysGeeky Games, visit Voxies.io.