The Godly Blueprint Reveal Event is Here!

November 28, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of Voxie Tactics, a new chapter is about to unfold that promises to blend mystery, excitement, and Godly rewards! The Godly Blueprint Reveal Event, exclusive to Godly Blueprint holders, is not just an event; it's a celebration of the extraordinary and the unknown.

This article delves into what makes this event a must-experience for our Blueprint holders and Voxie enthusiasts alike.

What is The Godly Blueprint Reveal Event?

Imagine holding a key to a treasure chest, but the contents remain a mystery until the very moment of unveiling? That's the essence of The Godly Blueprint Reveal Event. For those who possess a Godly Blueprint, this event is an exclusive opportunity to visit The Arcanist and watch him forge these blueprint designs into Unique Godly Items. But there's a twist – the reveal is entirely random, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the experience.

The Mechanics of Magic: How Does It Work?

Holders need to bring their Godly Blueprint and 1 VOXEL to The Arcanist’s Forge. Here, through a process shrouded in mystery and magic, the Blueprints will forge into one of the 28 Unique Godly Items. The catch? No one knows which item they'll receive until the moment of revelation, making each holder's experience very unique.

The Rarity and Exclusivity of Godly Blueprints

With only 28 Unique Godly Items available, each corresponding to one of the 28 Godly Blueprints, the event stands as a testament to rarity and exclusivity. This limited availability not only enhances the value of each item but also elevates the overall experience for the collectors and participants.

Godly Items

Event Timeline: Mark Your Calendars

The Godly Blueprint Reveal Event is set to start on Wednesday, November 29th, and will run until Tuesday, January 16th. The event will officially kick off with a special stream on the Voxie Tactics Twitch channel, we’re inviting the community to join in the celebration and excitement.


Join us for the Godly Blueprint Reveal Event and enjoy the thrill of the reveal and the chance to acquire a Unique Godly Item! The event is not just for Blueprint holders, it's also a celebration of the Voxies community and our passion and dedication. It's an opportunity to engage with fellow enthusiasts, share in the excitement, and be part of a memorable experience.

Visit The Arcanist in the Voxies Marketplace and Start Forging!


What is The Godly Blueprint Reveal Event?

It’s an event exclusively for Godly Blueprint holders, providing them with Unique Godly Items.

What is a Godly Blueprint?

A Godly Blueprint is essentially the design for an item of Godly caliber that has yet to be revealed. Any Owner of a Godly Blueprint will be able to receive the Unique Godly Item from their Blueprint

How can I get my Unique Godly Item?

Unique Godly Items will be forged by The Arcanist. Holders must bring their Godly Blueprint and 1 VOXEL to The Arcanist’s Forge during The Godly Blueprint Reveal Event to obtain their Random Unique Godly Item. The Blueprint is given to the Arcanist and then he uses it to forge your unique Godly item.

How many Godly Blueprints and Unique Godly Items are available?

There are 28 Unique Godly Items available, each corresponding to one of the 28 Godly Blueprints

When will the Reveal Event start and end?

The event will launch on the Voxies Marketplace on Wednesday, November 29th, and conclude on Tuesday, January 16th.