Winter Wonder Awaits with "Search for the Snow Crystal" on the Voxies Marketplace!

December 14, 2023

Search for the Snow Crystal: Voxies Marketplace Exclusive!

Introducing “Search for the Snow Crystal” a Voxies Marketplace exclusive and time sensitive challenge that will start on Monday December 18 and will close in the Forge once the challenge has been completed! Players who accept this challenge, can use new Forge recipes on the Voxies Marketplace to build 1 of just 21 Snow Crystal Necklaces in existence!

What's New with Forge Recipes

Before getting into how the “Search for the Snow Crystal” challenge will work. Let’s first go over a few new recipes and a couple recipe changes that we have made in the Forge ahead of time!

4 New Forge Recipes!
  1. The Jewelry Maker Recipe. This will guarantee you a Legendary Resistance Necklace! Read more about this in Step 2 of How This Works.
  2. The Gem Sparkler Recipe. This new recipe will be available only after you have collected 5 Legendary Resistance Necklaces. Read more on this in Step 3!
  3. The Snow Crystal Unification Recipe. Only 21 Snow Crystal Necklaces are in existence so this recipe will be limited to a select few! Read more about this in the final step 4 below.
  4. The Crystal Fusion Recipes. 2 new fusion recipes have been added for Rare and Epic to help you navigate this challenge and infuse your gear more easily! The Rare Recipe will require 10 Rare Crystals along with 10 $VOXEL to get an Epic Crystal and the Epic Recipe will require 10 Epic Crystals along with 100 $VOXEL to get a Legendary Crystal.
Recipe Changes
  • Please take note that Epic and Legendary Battle Purse Recipes have been removed.

How will the Challenge Work?

Now let’s get into how this will all work!

The “Search for the Snow Crystal” challenge involves 4 steps.

Each step builds into the other.

Step 1: Get an Epic Translucent Necklace

There are 2 options for you to choose from with various costs and chances.

  • Option 1: Rare Smelting
  • Option 2: Playing Voxie Tactics

Step 2: Collect 5 Legendary Elemental Necklaces

There are 4 options here for you to choose from with various costs and chances:

  • Option 1: Infuse an Epic Translucent Necklace
  • Option 2: Forge a Rare Ward by using the Jewelry Maker Recipe
  • Option 3: Legendary Smelting
  • Option 4: Epic Smelting

Step 3: Use the Gem Sparkler Recipe to Collect 3 Gems Necklaces

You have an equal probability chance of getting each one.

Step 4: Use the Snow Crystal Unification Recipe to get your Snow Crystal Necklace!

Combine all 3 Gem Necklaces with 1000 VOXEL to create the ultimate reward: The Snow Crystal Necklace.

Where to Find?

The “Search for the Snow Crystal” challenge will be added as an event category in the Forge on the Voxies Marketplace.

Look for the Snowflake and corresponding Time Left icons on the Forge recipe cards!

Search for the Snow Crystal Giveaway: Secret Code Challenge

A secret code challenge will run during “Search for the Snow Crystal”. Hints to help players try uncover the code will live across various marketing materials and community activities during this time period. All players who are able to uncover the secret code will enter into a random draw to win 1 of the 21 Snow Crystals! Read the full offer details on our website.

To Wrap Up!

To wrap up, the "Search for the Snow Crystal'' challenge is a thrilling race against time and fellow players. This event offers more than just the satisfaction of completing a complex task; it's a chance to secure a unique new item in the Voxiverse! Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of Voxie Tactics, this challenge can be your gateway to making a mark! Ready your forging skills and join us on a quest for these exquisite Snow Crystal Necklaces!