Discover Exciting Changes Coming to Voxie Tactics with Unity Engine

April 29, 2024

What's New With Voxie Tactics Remastered?

With Voxie Tactics’ launch day on the Unity Engine just around the corner, it’s time to highlight the many enhancements and upgrades this brings to Voxie Tactics! Our move to Unity elevates the game's visuals and performance to make your gaming experience more immersive and enriching.

For visibility on all the technical updates made, please see the newly released Patch Notes. Read on adventurers for a bird's eye view into what players will see as part of the new Unity Engine launch today!

Equipment & Battle Combat

Get ready for vast improvements in gameplay mechanics.

  • Armor and weapons can now have multiple elemental resistances
  • Wind element proc status effect has changed from "Knockback" to "Confuse"
  • Revamped RNG calculations for hit chances
  • More robust multiplayer architecture to avoid player desync
  • Hawknights can now equip accessories
  • Straightforward rules for status effects and abilities that affect turn order
  • Knight ability “Bravado” no longer provides a self-buff; instead debuffs enemy Voxies
  • All undead races now have the passive “Not Quite Dead” ability

Visuals & Graphics

Unity brings many visual and graphics upgrades.

  • Better water shader
  • Improved lighting
  • Improved the under tiles rendering on all maps for better uniformity
  • Updated all map visuals and decorations
  • Added a modern animation pipeline to help introduce fun new animations more easily
  • Streamlined the targeting system so it's easier to cast abilities and spells on targeted characters
  • Effects & Animations
  • New visual effects for all spells and abilities
  • New animations for all player actions (Standing Idle, Attacking with Weapons, Hit Reactions)
  • New splash screen and background graphics for the main menu
  • New "Knock-Out" and "Resurrect" animations so players see characters come back to life

User Interface (UI)

Navigating Voxie Tactics has never been smoother, thanks to a completely revamped battle UI.

  • Revamped battle UI with new action buttons
  • Added "Resistance" information to character stats view
  • Removed weapon and armor proficiency UI star display
  • Improved "HP" and "MP" overhead display in battle
  • Added a quit confirmation popup when leaving matches early

Party Roster

The Party Roster has been totally revamped with new visuals and dynamic effects.

  • New "Tavern" party roster background for better immersion
  • Dynamic lighting and improved graphics to see your Voxie in greater detail
  • Added ability for players to see each character in Party roster
  • Added ability for players to see consumable items and their details in Party roster

Economy & VOXEL

The rewards model for earning VOXEL and items during battle have been completely revamped.

  • Voxie Bounties allow defeated players to earn VOXEL based on how many enemy characters they defeat in battle
  • The winning player is rewarded based on performance (ie, if Voxies don’t “die”)
  • New rank rewards system means higher ranks lead to better and more rewards Check out our in-depth article for more details on our new VOXEL reward system.

Game Security & Accessibility

Voxie Tactics’ commitment to game security and integrity for the player base is reflected in the following measures.

  • Increased incentives for players to complete matches for Voxie Bounty rewards
  • New measures to prevent bots and exploits from harming player experience
  • New measures to prevent exploits of consumables and items
  • Support for lower PC specifications
  • Support for a larger range of monitor resolutions

See Full Patch Notes

Patches in the Pipeline!

Here's what the team is currently working on for a future release!

  • Improvements to Player Profile Interface
  • Improvements to the "Ghost" visual effect
  • New "Frozen" status visual effect
  • Additional special effects and animations
  • Voxie Tactics game launcher
  • Mac & Mobile support