Voxie Pets

The Perfect Companion For Your Voxie

Pets are lovable and cute companions that accompany your Voxies as you explore the Voxiverse and even join your Voxies in the heat of battle.



There are a large number of different pets that can be found and collected in Voxie Tactics, there might even be rewards for collecting them all.



Take your companion pets out with you as you explore the Voxiverse and use their unique abilities in the world to unlock new areas for exploration. Pets can even be useful in completing NPC quests that you will find in the world.


Equip & Interact

Each pet is trained and ready to help you fight in the battle arena. Voxies can take their pets into battle with them and each pet has special abilities that are designed to compliment the different Voxie classes and provide additional utility in your party that you might otherwise be lacking.

Pet List

Below is the list of all the companion pets; showing each pet category and the corresponding egg colour.